Statement from PwC Zhong Tian LLP

PwC Zhong Tian LLP: “We are committed to serving our clients and other stakeholders with distinction. When we do not fully meet the high standards we set for ourselves we take action to learn lessons and commit to do better in the future.

It is highly regrettable that a number of employees engaged in the improper sharing and use of technology aimed at assisting with internal trainings and assessments. After becoming aware of these issues, the Firms investigated these matters promptly and took remedial action. This included blocking any further use of or dissemination of the technologies concerned and directing the retake of courses where applicable.

We have since emphasized to all of our people our policies regarding appropriate conduct during online training courses, along with highlighting the significance of ethical and responsible use of emerging technology. 

We reported this matter to the PCAOB during their inspection and have now reached a settlement. We are pleased that as part of that settlement the PCAOB has credited us with extraordinary cooperation in this matter.”


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