Cybersecurity and privacy

Balance security and opportunity to move boldly forward

Multiplying cyber threats have made an effective cybersecurity programme a critical business requirement. We help organisations protect against threats, propel transformation and pursue growth.

Focus on cybersecurity and privacy to achieve your goals

As companies pivot toward a digital business model, exponentially more data is generated and shared among organisations, partners and customers. This digital information has become the lifeblood of today’s interconnected business ecosystem and is increasingly valuable to organisations—and to skilled threat actors. Business digitisation also has exposed companies to new digital vulnerabilities, making effective cybersecurity and privacy more important than ever. PwC incorporates four key elements to help you take a broader view of cybersecurity and privacy as both protectors and enablers of the business.

Four components to propel transformation and achieve growth

PwC's Asia Pacific team helps you see the big picture

PwC's Cybersecurity and Privacy practice can help you think more broadly about security and move boldly toward new possibilities. We offer an end-to-end portfolio of services that are complemented by the following capabilities: 

  • Deep experience helping organisations strategically assess, design, deploy and improve cybersecurity programs. We also have a long history of building trusted relationships with business leaders at all levels.
  • Tactical knowledge gleaned from decades of projects across industries, geographies and technologies informs our services.

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