Catalyst collaborative services

Catalyst is a tested and proven methodology using design-thinking as well as agile tools and techniques.

What you want:

Align all your key stakeholders on the issues you have brought to the workshop


What we bring:

Catalyst as a proven co-designed strategy and problem solving methodology

What you want:

Understand the best ways of working and achieving results


What we bring:

Workshops held in a rich environment that emphasises collaboration, creativity and practical outcomes

What you want:

Identify gaps and areas that need change and design solutions to get there


What we bring:

Delivered by our teams combining expertise in different areas


Bringing everyone together without distractions.


Parallel processing

Working on multiple topics at once, even if they are dependent on each other.



Varying the length of breakouts, materials used, and group composition.



Mind exercises and energisers to get you out of your comfort zone.



Creating multiple drafts of multiple outputs and layering on levels of detail.



Testing ideas, decisions and outputs through varying points of view.

Think differently

Catalyst is pivotal to getting you to think differently with a focus on a multi-level, tailored approach to ensure expectations are exceeded.

Iterate on objectives and event design

Our experts work with you to co-design each step of the Catalyst event, going through many iterations to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Collect and analyse data and inputs

Inputs into the Catalyst will be a consolidated view of the key findings from KO, covering:

  • Strategy
  • Design thinking
  • Current initiatives
  • Best practice
  • Ways of working


Build and execute the Catalyst

We facilitate an alignment and discussion on your core strategy key areas of concern.

We will then focus on your existing initiatives, ways of working and gaps to achieving your goals.

Catalyst will support transfer of knowledge and training to key teams so they feel they have a voice, come to conclusions that can be executed and provide opinions that matter.


Construct and deliver the outputs

The Catalyst will facilitate a decision making and action orientated plan that will inform key deliverables.

Co-create insights

We are trained in design-thinking and will co-create insights interjected with exercises to inspire, inform and energise.


External perspectives

PwC facilitators will be prepared and informed of your objectives and challenges, ready to facilitate open discussions with an external perspective.


Control the flow

Facilitators will lead discussions, modules, and activities according to an agenda, but will adapt the flow according to vibe of the room.


Set the pace

Keeping an eye on the time, facilitators will make sure time does not run away from the agenda, and participants will go through each activity and exercise as designed.


Keep the energy up                         

Reading the vibe of the room, facilitators will adapt within the agenda to bring energy up when it’s dwindling, and focus energy towards objectives and outputs when it is threatening to run away on a tangent.


Stay engaged throughout

Facilitators will ask the right questions and push the right buttons to keep participants focused and engaged on key topics and issues.


Ensure outputs

Through synthesis and summary sessions, facilitators will keep participants focused on achieving the objectives to ensure outputs are created by the end of the day.

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