Finance target operating model and finance transformation

The guarantee of quality and increase in quantity of the market economy, the adjustment of corporate strategy, and emerging technologies have all brought new transformation demands to financial management. Future financial work will be developed towards standardisation, digitisation and intelligence.

Our finance transformation services will help CFOs to reposition the role of the finance department and quickly develop financial function strategy to implement financial management changes effectively.


How we can help:    

  • Finance strategy and operation mode design
    Supported by PwC's rich experience in industry and financial consulting services, we formulate finance strategies that match with the corporate strategy and business development, and design a target finance operation mode to guide the implementation of finance strategy.
  • Finance function planning and organisational change
    We draw on the industry’s leading finance operation system to plan for finance functions and redesign the finance organisation structures, in support of the target finance operation mode in the digital world and organisational change. Our solutions include finance organisation restructuring, function responsibilities, job roles redesign, and more.


  • Financial management process reengineering
    Through PwC's rich industry and process optimisation experience, we restructure financial management processes covering closing and reporting, budget management, investment and financing management, tax management, asset management, risk management and other processes. By the use of standardised and effective financial processes, we help strengthen business synergy to support the overall business strategy.
  • Finance talent management
    We assist you in developing digitalised finance human resources strategy, establishing personnel competence assessment model, formulating talent structure optimisation plan through talent inventory, designing career progression channel, and establishing long-term assessment and incentive mechanism.


  • Financial information system planning and digital enablement
    Empowered by PwC's extensive digital transformation services experience, we assist corporations in developing financial information plans that match the finance strategy. We leverage on leading digital tools such as cloud technology, financial robots, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc., to customise digital enablement plan in supporting finance transformation.

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