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Economic globalisation has fuelled the expansion and business diversification of enterprises, which have led to higher demand for financial operation model and operational efficiency. Financial shared service centre (FSSC) has been proved to be an effective solution to enhance the standardisation of financial accounting and processes, and promote the integration of business and finance. Today, more than 90% of the Fortune Global 500 companies have adopted financial shared service and outsourcing, while more than 500 FSSCs have been put into operation in China. The scope and depth of shared services and outsourcing continue to expand.

Our financial shared service is dedicated to helping companies integrate existing resources, optimise the efficiency of organisations and processes, reduce the cost of financial operation, promote the integration of business and finance, and strengthen financial control. 

How we can help:    

  • Financial shared service centre establishment
    We provide consulting services on financial shared service to clients in different industries around the world, and have successfully built more than 100 FSSCs in China. We offer flexible and combined solutions based on customers’ needs, including top-level design of financial shared service, address selection of FSSC, detailed design of operation mode, shared service platform planning, system monitoring and other services. We are also capable of implementing and developing financial shared service related systems independently.
  • Standardisation
    We can help you strengthen the establishment, application and management of standardisation in order to achieve the best result of the FSSC establishment. Our services include system standardisation, process standardisation, and accounting standardisation, etc., while the accounting standardisation covers the unification and standardisation of CoAs, accounting manuals, accounting processes and reporting, etc.
  • Finance shared service 2.0 enhancement
    We can assist you to upgrade your existing financial shared service if you already have an FSSC. We help to improve operational efficiency through business processes optimisation, shared services and regions expansion, emerging digital technologies application (robotic process application, cloud technology, mobile applications, etc.), organisation and personnel optimisation, etc.
  • Global Business Services establishment
    We can assist you to establish the operation mode of Global Business Services (GBS), expanding the scope of shared services from a single region to the globe and extending the shared operation mode from a single financial function to multi-functions that also cover HR, IT, administration, legal affairs, etc. This way, you can establish a multi-functional GBS centre to achieve high level of synergy across geographies and functions, and support the globalisation of the enterprise.

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