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Effective claims management

Insurance of property, products, people, and profits is a key component of corporate risk management. As the global business environment grows increasingly complex, the effective handling of claims in disaster scenarios can be vital to protecting shareholder value.

Insurance claims pose similar challenges to those found in other loss quantifications, with the added requirement that claims must be quantified in accordance with the applicable insurance coverage and/or statutory regulations.

Just as claimants sometimes believe that an insurance company will try to reduce the amount of the initial claim, so insurers are often concerned that an individual or business has exaggerated the amount of the claim, or has fabricated supporting documentation in the hope of achieving a favourable settlement.

We have experience in both claims preparation (on behalf of policyholders) and in claims review (on behalf of the insurer). In all cases, we provide a balanced quantification based on reasonable assumptions and sound financial analysis.

Using its considerable and wide-ranging expertise in property, profits and liability insurance and its knowledge of key industries, our team of insurance and forensic accounting experts can assist corporate clients, insurers, re-insurers, brokers and lawyers in the review, analysis and resolution of larger and more complex insurance claims. Areas covered include:

  • Business interruption and property damage;
  • Insurance litigation including subrogated claims;
  • Product liability and recall;
  • Personal injury and fatal accident;
  • Professional indemnity and directors' and officers' liability;
  • Construction risks;
  • Fidelity and credit risks; and
  • Information technology system risks.


Whether you are making a claim or are being asked to pay a claim, you need to understand the facts. What are the circumstances of the loss? What does the policy cover? What measures can be taken to mitigate the loss? What loss has been incurred?

We combine the technical skills needed to handle complex claims with the industry knowledge and geographical cover you expect from the world's largest professional services organisation. Our team of professionals includes:

  • Chartered insurance practitioners;
  • Chartered loss adjusters;
  • Qualified accountants;
  • Qualified risk managers; and
  • Chartered surveyors and engineers.

Our objective is to provide you with sufficient, relevant and reliable information to enable the claim to be properly managed to a successful conclusion.


Once the information is gathered, we ensure it is analysed and presented in a clear and effective manner. Drawing on our wealth of experience in industry and commerce, and our specific insurance expertise, we advise on the policy application, evaluate the loss suffered and ensure that all technical and commercial issues are clearly understood.

Major claims can be extremely complex. All factors contributing to a loss need to be considered. Since the true loss will lie in a range of probable outcomes, we identify and analyse the key issues, presenting an objective view on the strength and weaknesses of the claim.


Claims can go wrong and relationships suffer where there is misunderstanding and mistrust. Areas of potential disagreement can be recognised and protracted disputes avoided if the parties concerned talk to each other. Our aim is to provide you with a clear understanding of the issues and advice on solutions which enhance relationships and improve risk management.

Whether policyholder or insurer, our clients expect to see their claims made promptly and professionally. We help you identify issues and manage expectations with due regard to policy application, business dynamics and, not least, common sense.

Insurance claims examples

Our recent assignments include claims arising from the following events:

  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS);
  • World Trade Centre attack;
  • Turkish earthquake;
  • Ford/Bridgestone tyre recall;
  • Rail crashes;
  • Hotel and leisure company fire;
  • Prague flood claims; and
  • Telecommunication company contingent business interruption.

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