Our client's challenge

Continued revenue and margin growth, increased market share and strong enduring brands are the primary goals of most companies today. To achieve these objectives in traditional domestic markets and increasingly in global markets requires a routinely refreshed portfolio of competitive products, services and business models. Increased competition means that portfolios need to be refreshed faster than ever before, allowing the leading companies to get new products and services faster to market and with an optimal blend of incremental, radical and break-through innovation.

Why leading clients engage us

We help companies grow. We are typically engaged by executive teams, boards and private equity owners to collaborate with their teams as they improve product, service and business models in China and globally. Our engagements combine diagnostics and benchmarking, the design of new operating models and critically, real practical and hands-on implementation that delivers results. Importantly, client feedback led to Kennedy Research ranking PwC (which acquired PRTM) in 2011 as follows:

  • #1 Methodology Strength of R&D Strategy & Product Development Consulting
  • #1 Product & Service Launch Operation
  • #1 Innovation in All Consulting Areas

How we help you innovate

Business Innovation

Innovation Strategy

Helping our clients define paths to more profitable growth, from core product development to radical business innovation.

We help our clients:

  • Identify innovative value propositions
  • Develop innovative business models
  • Define innovation’s role in their business strategies

To achieve real business value:

  • Marketplace differentiation
  • Balance of incremental and breakthrough innovation
  • Clear path to Long-Range Plan goals

Innovation Operating Model

Establishing the resources, organisation, processes, metrics and other elements to create incremental and breakthrough innovations.

We help our clients:

  • Define and help implement the right innovation framework
  • Align processes with desired types of innovation
  • Develop capability to perform breakthrough innovation (incubators, corporate venturing, …)

To achieve real business value:

  • Sustained innovation, year after year
  • Ability to define and launch real breakthrough offerings

Product and Service Innovation

Portfolio Management

Helping our clients define winning innovation and product strategies, optimise portfolios and balance roadmaps.

We help our clients:

  • Identify innovative product and service strategies
  • Balance and optimise portfolios
  • Define and agree on roadmaps
  • Establish lasting portfolio management processes

To achieve real business value:

  • Enhanced, growth and profitability
  • Improved return on R&D investment
  • Predictable new product / service results

Development Excellence

Increasing new product profit growth by increasing development productivity, managing complexity and reducing time to market.

We help our clients:

  • Reduce development cycle times
  • Improve cross functional teamwork
  • Increase product and service output per $m and per engineer
  • Increase throughput through the development pipeline

To achieve real business value:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Reduced slippage
  • Enhanced morale
  • Higher revenue and profit per product

Organisational and IT Enablers

Global Development Operations

Optimising innovation and R&D footprint for access to markets, ideas, talent, and for cost and tax efficiency.

We help our clients:

  • Setup and optimise multi-site product development
  • Understand tax implications of their operational strategy
  • Unlock/enable access to new talent
  • Identify global expansion opportunities

To achieve real business value:

  • Reduced overall labour cost
  • Increased product development capacity
  • Improved efficiency from distributed teams
  • Reduced tax burden

PLM Systems

Helping our clients select and implement optimal product lifecycle management systems and realise rapid ROI.

We help our clients:

  • Define their PLM strategy
  • Select the optional IT solutions for their needs
  • Align business processes and system functionality
  • Deliver on PLM programs while managing risks

To achieve real business value:

  • Improved data visibility and quality
  • More efficient decision-making
  • Rapid and sustainable ROI on systems investments


Through our hard-won implementation projects and thought-leadership studies, we have developed best practice methodologies that help our clients gain agreement on their capability gaps and accelerate the implementation of improvements.

Our team

We have 300 Product and Service Innovation practitioner consultants globally which allows us to bring industry-specific expertise and leading-edge practices to our clients from around the world. At any one time, we have 5 to 6 major Innovation projects ongoing in China. Together, we’ve delivered over 1,500 innovation transformation engagements.

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