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Unleashing value through M&A

There are multiple ways to find the right deal to drive your growth agenda, from adding innovative capabilities and talent to looking into new sectors or geographies. No matter your goals, at PwC we help you identify the right merger or acquisition to bolster your business strategy, implement a sound deal execution process, and capture hidden value throughout the entire merger and integration process. 

Our global network and experience in even the most niche sectors means that no matter how you're looking to grow, you're working with a partner who can keep you a step ahead. We can spot the opportunities that will strengthen your capabilities and help you seamlessly navigate regulatory requirements to deliver on them through execution and integration. At all phases of the deal - whether strategy assessment and targeting, deal structuring, due diligence, valuation, or integration - we’ll help you unlock value in your merger, acquisition, divestiture, restructuring or JV.

New opportunities and challenges

Domestic strategic M&A in China will continue expanding in terms of volume and value, buoyed by the strong Chinese economy. Much of this is driven by the increasing middle class and continued deregulation of China’s economy.

Backed by state initiatives such as the Belt & Road, domestic enterprises will witness more outbound deals as they continue on the road to globalisation. This is particularly acute in the infrastructure, industrial and automotive sectors.

For traditional industries like real estate, tighter regulations and imbalanced development of regions will encourage more within-industry domestic M&A. Also, long standing pillar industries like financial services and automotive are in the process of being deregulated.

Cross-industry M&A activities powered by technology will become more active, especially in consumer products, education and healthcare.

What questions do we answer?

  • How to achieve long term business success through M&A?
  • Who and where are the good targets?
  • How to structure and close the deal?
  • How to integrate/divest to achieve deal value?
  • How to achieve long-term business success through M&A?
  • How to enter, manage and exit a JV?
  • How to rapidly create value in a time of stress or distress?

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