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Covering 9 key themes via 38 webinars, over 100 PwC’s professionals share insights and capabilities needed to lead successful transformation journeys

What is Innovation Exchange?

It is more urgent than ever to transform enterprises in response to China’s economic development agenda. At PwC, we understand the journey that many companies will undertake to evolve their business and we know the obstacles and challenges that will be encountered along the way.

We are pulling together over 100 PwC's professionals to work with clients and companies to form PwC’s Innovation Exchange – a community of business leaders and subject matter experts to share insights and capabilities needed to lead successful transformation journeys. As your advisor, PwC will stand with you to address business priorities and overcome challenges from strategy through execution, turning untapped potential into competitive advantage.

Starting from 20 June, please join us at PwC’s Innovation Exchange, with the 38 virtual events presented on WeChat Live streaming and Zoom Webinar.


Event agenda for GBA market outlook

Hong Kong is a key pillar to the GBA economic growth,  leveraging on its economic and trading infrastructure with other countries globally to support the related inbound and outbound investments and trades.

As an international financial market, China trade gateway and logistics hub,  Hong Kong’s near term economy and market are sensitive to global economic events and dynamics.  Many businesses are rebalancing their operations and focuses to enhance growth and risk buffer.

With Hong Kong recovering from the fifth wave of COVID-19 and entering the upturn cycle, we like to update our observation and share our consideration on how businesses may rebalance their positions for growth and risk management.




Date​ and time

新机遇 · 大未来 —— 粤港澳聚势赋能,共启发展新征程 

(The integration of GBA in the new era)

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(With the landing of the three major cooperation zones in Hengqin, Qianhai and Nansha, as well as the great opportunities of financial services and the planning of the Northern Metropolis of Hong Kong, the accelerated integration of the "9+2" cities have now become a definitive trend.)


18 July, Monday

2pm – 2:45pm


(GBA logistics industry, leap forward)

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Outlook of GBA logistics industry and development opportunities in Covid period​


19 July, Tuesday

2pm – 2:45pm

Extracting value from special situations in GBA coming through the pandemic

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Through real life cases to share how we could help clients to extract value from distress or special situations in the GBA. ​


20 July, Wednesday

2pm – 2:45pm

Creating business value through debt capital

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How to establish a cost efficient and risk managed debt structure which support business growth for GBA Inbound business development and outbound Asia Pacific expansion. ​


21 July, Thursday

2pm – 2:45pm

The future of loyalty – Driving digital growth​

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Customer loyalty program is everywhere nowadays, yet it’s harder to groom true loyalty. Come and explore the industry trend, and how the leading organisations are using technology to engage customer effectively and increase their stickiness    ​


25 July, Monday

2pm – 2:45pm

Regulatory development and Strategy positioning for GBA inbound financial services institutes

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GBA financial service industries' regulatory development and market positioning for growth  ​


26 July, Tuesday

2pm – 2:45pm

The virtual events also cover the following themes and conducted in Chinese through WeChat live streaming. Please click here to find out more. 

  • A new global mindset
  • Future strategic focus 
  • Financial Services deep dive
  • Industry spotlight 
  • Business operational strategy
  • Management function excellence
  • SOE reform and development
  • Value creation in Deals



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