Leadership and culture

Given the macro uncertainties and the emerging trends in digital development, transformation, and innovation, it is crucial to rethink, redefine and deconstruct what leadership means. The question of what kind of leadership can succeed in the new era of value creation marks the beginning of our thinking.

In the new era of rapid change, leaders must make decisions on a broader scale, from holistic strategic thinking to detailed execution. Leaders must drive technology roadmaps, improve employee capabilities and engagement, and meet new demands that require strong leadership skills. This includes the ability to lead the way forward, achieve organisational goals, and ultimately lead the entire team into the future.

PwC believes that digital leadership and change leadership are the two core capabilities that leaders must possess in the new era, and are key to sustaining their organisations’ growth.

Digitalising leadership 

The digital journey of most organisations is not always a smooth one. It often requires overcoming many challenges to move from reality to ideal, and a lack of digital leadership maturity makes it difficult for companies to face these challenges. A well-evolved organisational leadership will guide the direction and ensure the success of the digital transformation.

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Change leadership

In the new era of rapid change, when considering strategic transformation or organisational change, it is essential to respond quickly to the macro environmental and market changes, in this era, change will become the ‘new normal’ for organisations. As enablers of change, leaders must act to redefine the core 'target ’ of leadership development, which is a critical factor for organisations to cope with uncertainty and the only way to achieve a great vision.

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