Developing your 100 day plan

To ensure a smooth transaction close it is important to align people to your vision, protect the assets and business operations of the target, put the right governance structure in place and ensuring cost effective compliance. 


One of the key tasks for a buyer is to integrate the target into its existing business and manage the acquisition as a stand-alone business. We can assist early in the pre-deal phase to ensure value retention before closing. We will focus on customer and employee retention and help you prepare for the integration. 


The key to kick-start the integration is the “100-day plan” which details the actions, responsibilities and deadlines for the first 100 days after acquiring the business. 


Develop Integration priorities/100-day plan

A buyer will have to finalise the 100-days plan to ensure no disruption to ongoing business. PwC has an experienced team that can develop and comment on the 100-day plan as well as support your business to take control.


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