China’s Pet Industry: 2022 Update

November 2022

In a lucrative and highly-contested market, we determined what capabilities enable winning players to sustain a competitive advantage

Consistent market growth during a challenging macroeconomic environment is rarely seen, but that is precisely what the China’s pet industry has achieved. 

After months of research, with our team analysed hundreds of companies and spoke to many well-respected industry experts, PwC is excited to share the 2022 edition of our China Pet Industry Report.   

A sequel to the original report released in 2020, this edition dives deeper into how the market has evolved, the transient dynamics of market drivers, and the types of players that have demonstrated sustainable competitive advantages.  

If you have an interest in the Chinese pet industry or are scoping lucrative investment opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We’ve been advocating the importance of consumer education since our last report in 2020, and it has been increasingly a key driver for winning consumers in the past couple of years. The acceleration in consumer maturity and the need for quality will push brands to double down on their investment in consumer education.

Jacky Lui, Partner, APAC Deal Strategy

Over the past few years we have witnessed the rise of many new pet brands and innovations in the industry, and there have been tremendous interest from investors and strategic buyers to identify the players that are capable of delivering sustainable growth. Investors must carefully identify companies that are not only focused on the short term, but that are also investing to develop the core competencies and capabilities needed to succeed in the long run.

Waldemar Jap, Partner, APAC Deal Strategy

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