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Value creation in Deals – Corporate and PE

Look at your M&A from a different perspective

There’s more to mergers and acquisitions than implementation; we deliver pre, during and post-deal expertise ensuring you leave no value on the table.


The Deal is just the beginning

The most successful dealmakers realise that the M&A landscape is changing. With technology disruption and industry divergence, it’s no longer just the size of the merger or acquisition that defines its success. It’s also about how you deliver maximum value even after the deal has been signed.

We don’t just look at the strategy of your merger, acquisition and divestiture activity, or just the execution. Our Deal specialists ensure no value is left on the table by bringing together our capabilities across the M&A lifecycle.

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Create the step-change to future proof your business

You’ve got there before your competitors have; now embed a value realisation mindset throughout the M&A lifecycle so quick wins last a lot longer and are that much more transformational.

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Deliver more value to your shareholders

It’s how you make impact, after all. Our insight and sector expertise is embedded in analytics and technology, meaning we find value where others don’t.

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Exceed your value ambitions

Our Deals Value Creation team provides single accountability for value delivery; value is always realised and delivered through, not only the M&A strategy, but the business strategy too.

It’s our ambition to make deal making game changing, helping you resolve key challenges and deliver maximum value through M&A.

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“Our dedicated team of Deals specialists are experts in finding and delivering real value, not just through the transaction but afterwards”

Waikay Eik, China and Hong Kong Deals Leader

Deliver more value to your shareholders

Looking to grow a company you’ve just acquired or kick-start growth at a maturing business that’s facing disruption? We can help you develop or refine your strategy that will guide your business to achieve sustainable growth, give your stakeholders confidence that targets are set and can be met, and give management additional focus and direction.

We’ll help you set your business ambition, generate and evaluate key initiatives, identify options to fill gaps and deliver your plan, which may include turnaround strategy, international growth strategy or market entry strategy.

Get a head start through due diligence

When acquiring a business, evaluating the risks and opportunities of the transaction is critical—whether it be the ability for the business to scale to meet its growth expectations or to evaluate the synergy opportunities that can be facilitated by the target.

We help clients use complex data to view risks and opportunities across multiple dimensions: workforce, customers, products and assets. Insights derived through rigorous analysis, by people with real deal experience, are the key to unlocking lasting value. Through financial, operational and commercial due diligence and analytics, you’ll feel confident in your deal thesis or, where appropriate, have the business case and rationale to walk away from a deal.

Future proof your business

M&A is increasingly an opportunity to transform the business. Whether it be a small technology acquisition that drives new capabilities or a large acquisition that brings economies of scale, the first 100 days are critical in establishing bold transformational goals and a roadmap to achieve these goals.

Taking a fresh look at business and operating models, we help clients establish cross functional capabilities, drive procurement and shared service savings, and embrace digital technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Integrate a carve out

Executing a merger or acquisition can be a complex process. With carve outs comes the additional complexity of disentangling with the parent. This process can be intensely difficult for employees as the business copes with significant levels of change. But done well, carve outs can drive innovation, customer satisfaction and core product growth.

From the outset of the deal, we help clients identify the level of entanglement, develop transaction service agreements (TSAs) and integration plans. In order to leverage their new scale, we help clients establish a new operating model (including greater use of shared services or outsourcing) and maintain focus on their people strategy throughout the deal journey. Integrating the cultures of both organisations is a key component to ensuring the carve out is successful and meets its expected value.

Prepare to sell

Getting ready to sell a part of your business can be tough. What is the scope of the carved out business? What can be done to improve valuations? How do we disentangle before the sale? What buyers are the right fit? Without clarity on the answer to these questions, the sale can deliver sub-optimal outcomes. That’s where we come in.

We help our clients assess the implications of their divestiture across their business from any point in the deal process, with a value creation mindset. From developing the divestment strategy and defining the business outcomes post-sale, to targeting potential buyers and executing on sell side due diligence, we help our clients stay focused on value creation through their divestiture.

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