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How it works

In order to deliver true value, RPA solutions must focus on long-term strategy and value drivers. Processes with these characteristics are great candidates for automation:




PwC's approach to developing an RPA Operating Model for organisation-wide implementation 



What is the client looking to achieve?

In order to deliver true value, the RPA solution must focus on long-term strategy and value drivers





Why PwC?

PwC can provide you with end-to-end service including automation strategy design, process automation evaluation, design and deployment (finance, HR, supply chain, IT and more).

PwC Global RPA Team

PwC has more than 250 professional consultants worldwide who serve the process improvement and automation projects of all business segments. We have extensive cooperation experience with major RPA technology providers in the market to provide RPA solutions for our customers. For example:

  • Process automation based on Loans Operation Division for a global leading financial institution.
  • Cooperated with a global supermarket chain to implement RPA technology, reducing the cost of supplier management.
  • Supporting a European bank to apply RPA technology to improve HR process efficiency.

Approximately 100+ projects worldwide have been successfully delivered.


PwC China and Hong Kong RPA Team

PwC's China and Hong Kong business team has more than 100 professional consultants working with clients to improve their business processes and delivery capabilities. Our main experiences in the China and Hong Kong market include:

  • process improvement and automation of accounts receivable and bank reconciliation business for a well-known domestic e-commerce platform
  • process improvement and automation of invoice verification, bank reconciliation, and cash arrival reminder for a central SOEs, and
  • HR recruitment process automation for a well-known consultancy.

Approximately 40+ projects have been successfully delivered in the China and Hong Kong market.

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