Build purpose and value for business and encompass governance

To ensure your family’s long-term success and legacy, we can help you to design a comprehensive plan for succession of your family business that enables your next generation to take up family business leadership in an orderly fashion.

How we can help

  • Business succession

Establish an integrated wealth management structure for your family business as per your wishes, maintaining control of your family’s key assets and planning for the next generation to take up leadership, ensuring continuity of your desired family legacy.

  • Family governance

As your family grows, you may want to implement a family governance structure to promote cohesiveness and unity between your family members. The family constitution is the most important document in a family governance mechanism. We can work with your family to formulate the tailored constitution which defines unique long-term vision, values and purpose, your family office’s roles, next generation’s education and transition, philanthropy to help your family and next generation manage ownership and growth at every stage.

We understand the important needs and concerns of your family. We work with your family to draft a bespoke family constitution and tailor a governance structure that meets your unique needs and achieves your goals now and for future generations.

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John Wong

Family Business and Private Client Services Leader, PwC Hong Kong

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