Tax consulting

As a professional and efficient tax consultant, PwC formulates appropriate tax plans and reduces the potential tax burden and risk for enterprises in their daily management as well as decision making processes for investment, financing, mergers and acquisitions, transfer pricing and other tax issues.


Daily tax consultation:

  • Solving daily tax management problems.
  • Helping you stay in compliance even as regulations shift.
  • Optimising your tax treatment.
  • Offering professional advice on any tax issues.


Tax planning consultation for investment, financing and M&A:

  • Helping you choose the right investment and financing options.
  • Utilising reasonable investment subjects.
  • Building reasonable shareholding structures.
  • Taking advantage of current tax preferential policies.
  • Conducting due diligence on financial, legal and tax issues.

Tax coordination services:

  • Providing suggestions and strategies for tax coordination.
  • Supporting legal and regulatory conclusions on tax decisions.
  • Applying for and affirming tax incentives.
  • Effectively responding to financial inspections.
  • Supporting mutual agreement procedures.

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