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High and new technology enterprise

Introduction of policy

Qualified HNTE enjoys a preferential CIT rate of 15%, as appose to the 25% statutory CIT rate. HNTE should satisfy regulatory requirements on high and new technology area, core technology, science and technology personnel, R&D expense, high and new technology income, innovation capability, etc.

Our services

HNTE status review

Using our technology, financial and tax expertise and rich experience, we can assist enterprises to analyse whether they qualify for HNTE status, identify gap and issues, and provide valuable suggestions for planning ideas and improvement measures. It is noteworthy that enterprises with HNTE status shall continuously satisfy HNTE criteria. We provide services to both enterprises which plan to apply for HNTE status and enterprises with HNTE status already. Our service scope may cover all or part of HNTE criteria in accordance with specific circumstances and needs of enterprises. 

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HNTE status application assistance

Advise or assist enterprises in their HNTE status application. Our services include assistance in gap analysis, remediation strategy and implementation, documents preparation, communication with authorities, etc. With profound understanding of regulations, technology driven methodology, rich practice experience and good communication with science and technology authorities and tax authorities at all levels, we can assist enterprises to achieve both compliance and optimal tax saving effect.

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HNTE related audit defence

Help enterprises deal with inspection, investigation, or audit from science and technology authorities and tax authorities with engineering, technology, financial and tax expertise. Our rich practice experience and long-term good communication with science and technology authorities and tax authorities at all levels will benefit enterprises in protecting their legitimate rights and interests. Our services include providing technical support and mediation for enterprises during all audit processes such as answering enquires, preparing materials for submission, communicating with authorities, presenting arguments and defending positions, etc. 

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Other customized services

In accordance with specific circumstances and needs of enterprises, we can provide customized consulting and outsourcing services related to HNTE. Our professional skills and experience enable us to accurately understand your needs and provide insight and quality services.

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