Community engagement

Strategy and approach

Community engagement is the cornerstone of our corporate sustainability strategy. PwC China cooperates with NGOs in different fields to help consolidate the gains in poverty alleviation and advance rural revitalisation through donations, volunteering and capacity building services. 

We support the development of comprehensive education for all, promote educational and digital equity, and leverage our core competencies to empower NGOs to benefit more people. We look forward to helping individuals, NGOs and enterprises maximise their potential and drive social progress with the power of philanthropy.

Investing in education has been a key focus at PwC China for more than a decade. We have continued to provide support for rural areas in addressing unequal access to educational resources. Our current efforts are focused on ‘New world. New skills.’ - a digital upskilling transformation that leverages our resources, capabilities, and relationships to reach those where the need is greatest, helping them develop digital literacy and skills to succeed in the digital era.

Our people are determined to do more to contribute to the community. We provide policy and funding support for volunteering, for example a volunteer leave policy along with financial support for staff-initiated volunteering and fundraising activities.

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Our social impact

Children and education

Making quality education accessible to every child and youth and maximising their potential have always been a key focus of our corporate sustainability initiatives. Our investments in Education and Upskilling for Children and Youth include financial literacy, technical and digital skills, and other supporting skills to help people thrive and prepare them for future opportunities.

NGO capacity building

While offering professional services to our clients, we also utilise our expertise to enhance the organisational capacity of NGOs, foundations, social service agencies and social organisations, helping them to reach their full potential. In the past decade, PwC China has served more than 2,000 NGOs by providing free resources, training and professional mentoring opportunities covering topics such as internal governance, risk control and compliance. 

We have also developed a series of online tools and practical handbooks to help NGOs conduct self-assessments, improve their internal governance, enhance risk control capabilities and ultimately gain greater trust.

PwC Foundation

Established in 2006 in Hong Kong, the PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation (PwC Foundation) aims to create sustained outcomes for local communities. It provides a channel for the firm and our people to make donations to charities and supports funding for staff-initiated volunteering and fundraising activities.

To encourage participation and recognise the most impactful activities, the top three volunteering events each year, as voted for by our people, will receive a Foundation Award. Additional funds will also be donated to the NGO recipients by the PwC Foundation.


Many of our people are determined to do more to contribute to the community. PwC China encourages their involvement by providing funding and policy support and offering other resources and opportunities. Our ‘Social Impact Time’ policy launched in 2019 provides recognition to our people for their volunteering contributions. It includes 20 hours of volunteer leave annually for each employee that was previously in place. To promote more skills-based volunteering, there is no cap in the number of volunteering hours where our people utilise their professional skills.


We help to close the skills and opportunity gap for children and youth in rural China.

We upskill young people with digital skills required in the job market.

We build trust in the NGO sector and enable NGOs to achieve sustained outcomes.

We help youth gain the financial management skills needed for today and tomorrow.

We accelerate the digital transformation in education in Hong Kong.

We help people and communities affected by catastrophic events and natural disasters.

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