Helping to build trust in NGOs

PwC China empowers NGOs to improve governance and build trust, ultimately benefitting a wider group of people. Transparency and good governance are crucial for the development of NGOs. We support local NGOs by providing our time, skills, expertise and free resources through a range of capacity building opportunities. We also offer pro bono, subsidised and discounted services for NGOs, using our expertise and solutions to help them reach their full potential.

Transparency check tool

'Transparency Check Tool' is a collaboration between PwC China, China Philanthropy Research Institute and China Global Philanthropy Institute. The tool works by first asking NGOs around 50 questions to help them better understand the transparency level of their reporting and external communications, and then providing possible improvement suggestions and best practices.

NGO Risk and Control Management Framework

The ‘Evaluation Support Platform for Philanthropy’ is a collaboration between PwC China and eight other influential Chinese foundations and private corporates. It aims to develop the NGO sector by enacting and promoting evaluation standards and cultivating professionals. Under the framework of this platform, PwC China developed an NGO Risk and Control Management Framework that can guide NGOs to improve their internal governance and risk controls. Covering more than 200 control points, the system draws on the experience from different business sectors while considering the fundraising and programme operation features specific to the NGO sector. It intends to provide professional guidance on risk control and internal governance for NGOs.

NGOs Data Management Toolkits

Deep industry and regulatory knowledge allow us to provide updates and insights on the latest compliance requirements to help NGOs enhance their operational effectiveness. In partnership with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), we published two free toolkits to help NGOs with common data management areas.

The Personal Data Privacy Toolkit for NGOs (English/Traditional Chinese) aims to help Hong Kong-based NGOs understand the significance and implications of personal data protection and compliance based on their industry-specific features. It provides guidance to ensure data and information of their stakeholders, including beneficiaries, donors, volunteers, service specialists and employees, are well protected. This is vital not only for compliance but more importantly, elevating the trust and confidence that their users and collaborators place in them.

The Data Governance Toolkit for NGOs (English/Traditional Chinese) enables NGOs to understand the general concept, value and benefits of data governance, learn how good data practices could improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services and overall operations, and have an initial understanding of their data governance maturity level and plan for future improvements.

ESG toolkit for NGOs

ESG is an important topic for corporates, non-profit organisations and the community in general. As corporates advance along the ESG journey, it is equally important that NGOs have a better understanding of what ESG entails so that they can be on the same page with their stakeholders in the community.

PwC China's ESG team has prepared the ESG Toolkit for NGOs with a view to provide an overview of ESG and practical takeaways to support the NGO sector in Hong Kong to better meet increasing expectations of accountability and transparency and to embark on their ESG journey.

New Inspection Regime Toolkit

The New Inspection Regime was introduced with a view to providing greater protection for personal information while ensuring transparency of the Register by allowing the public to continue inspecting the Register for the Purposes under the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622).

To enhance good governance of NGOs and facilitate NGOs to comprehend the key features and compliance requirements of the New Inspection Regime, This New Inspection Regime Toolkit contains details of the phased implementation pursuant to the Companies Ordinance and some frequently asked questions which NGOs may often raise when taking necessary actions and measures to comply. 

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