Upskilling children and youth

At PwC China, we are upskilling those where the need is greatest, helping others to adapt in times of change. We have upgraded some of our existing education programmes with digital elements, including upskilling students with digital literacy, and strengthening university students’ digital skills to boost employability. We have also developed new programmes to reach a much broader beneficiary group via online channels.

Shanghai Adream Charitable Foundation (Adream Foundation) is one of the key charity partners that PwC China has been working with to help close the skills and opportunity gap for children and youth in rural areas of China, and to improve digital literacy among broader groups.

Developing financial literacy

Encouraging awareness of financial management can help students develop good financial habits at an early age and make wise financial decisions. With this goal in mind, we have funded the financial literacy courses with Adream since 2018. 

By FY23, 1,200 teachers delivered this course, at more than 500 schools across 29 provinces in China with more than 100,000 students benefitted.

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Building multi-media classrooms

We have sponsored seven "Adream Center" classrooms in schools in Yunnan and Hebei provinces, benefitting over 6,000 students. The classrooms are equipped with multimedia teaching facilities, tablet PCs, books for students and training materials for teachers are also provided. Multimedia tools and interactive teaching techniques give students the opportunity to learn more and to narrow the digital skills gap. In FY23, nearly 80 teachers and more than 4,500 students benefitted. 

Digital literacy upskilling

In FY23, we sponsored Adream to hold the "Digital Future" science lecture in Shanghai. This lecture gave the public insights into technology and stimulated the audience's curiosity. 450 primary and secondary students and their parents participated; more than 4,400 livestream viewers tuned in to watch the lecture. We have also supported eight community "Tech Carnivals" in different Shanghai neighbourhoods. These focused on gamified technology literacy and critical thinking, engaging more than 140 children. 

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