Breaking silos and building transparency & trust by integrated managed solutions

Company: Property Development and Management Company in Hong Kong and Mainland China
Sector: Property 

Our client has invested in many Cybersecurity solutions, however, all of these security solutions are working in silos. The lack of ability to aggregate data from all these security solutions inhibit the ability to detect and investigate security incidents at scale. Building out a mature cyber operation is not only costly but time consuming. The challenge exacerbates with the shortage of cyber talents and the need to meet new cybersecurity and data protection laws and regulations.

Our client was conscious of these issues when it engaged PwC in 2022 to assess and develop a plan to improve its cyber maturity. The client wanted a trusted partner to build long term resilience to comply with the increasingly stringent requirements of cyber security and data protections requirements and prevent future breaches.

The client needed a “bodyguard”, a people-led, technology-driven integrated managed service. A security platform to help break the security silos, integrate the security technologies and analyse the data at scale. An experience team to improve detection and provide rapid response. 

The solution in action: PwC’s Managed Detection and Response Service

PwC Managed Detection and Response combines over 10+ years of offensive security experience, thousands of hours of incident response expertise, local and global threat intelligence, PwC’s security analytics platform and automated threat hunting to help client’s reduce attack dwell time, from days to minutes, and reduce manual day to day security operation by up to 90%.

PwC security analytics platform uses self-developed behavioural detection rules mapped to industry recognised MITRE ATT&CK techniques to deliver a transparent and effective approach to identify and respond to cyber attacks. Unlike other service providers taking a black box approach, we give our client a transparent and clear visibility of their detection and protection capability. The security analytics platform is designed to break down security data silos by delivering an integrable security stack that collects security data from multiple security solutions and translate it to digital and compliance risks. The platform will trigger alerts when a potential attack is detected, in addition, our automated and machine assisted threat hunting process will also bring to light sophisticated attacks that may have bypassed traditional controls. 

“PwC Managed Detection and Response Service powered by our security analytics platform combines experienced people with automated processes and proven technologies to deliver an integrated service to prevent breaches, reduce cyber risk and support compliance.”

Patrick Wong, Partner, Cybersecurity and Privacy PwC China

The service has a human dimension as well. Our cyber specialist act as an extension of our client’s security team. Client has direct access to our team to collaboratively manage incidents. Monthly feedback sessions are provided to provide regular exchanges of cyber intelligence and insights. With the right data and insights, our client is able to understand the risks and learn how to stay ahead of threats and proactively prepare for them.

While cyber and digital risk are the cost of doing business in a digital world, with PwC’s Managed Detection and Response service, the client is not alone. 

Key takeaways: How our client’s benefit from PwC’s Managed Detection and Response

  • Greater visibility – Unrivaled visibility of threats by integrating security solution eliminating silos and blind spots.
  • Locally compliant – A locally compliant platform, hosted in China, operated by a local team.
  • Build resilience – A proven service that help you continuously identify, respond and recover from cyber threats 24x7x365.

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