Technology is an important tool for business transformation.  Economic climate, regulatory concerns, industry consolidation, virtual workforces - these are just a few of the many issues impacting businesses today.  Faced with these issues, companies find that improving performance has become essential as they strive to remain competitive and effective in this challenging environment. 

To assist you in reaping the most value from your technology investments, we bring together the skills to deliver performance improvements in people, processes, and technology.


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Emerging technologies

Emerging technology strategy needs to be a core part of every company’s corporate strategy. Business executives must sort through the noise to make clear-headed decisions about the most relevant technologies that will sustain revenue growth and enhance business operations. But with the torrent of tech breakthroughs, how can you even begin to make sense of individual technologies?

To help companies focus their efforts, PwC analysed more than 150 emerging technologies to pinpoint what we call the “Essential Eight + One.” These are the technologies we believe every organisation must consider. While each company’s strategy for how to best exploit them will vary, these technologies will have the most significant global impact across industries.

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PwC EmTech Lab and Catalyst Hub

Play with the future - Dream, Build and Live

The Hong Kong PwC Experience Centre was launched in 2016. In two years, we have grown in size, offerings, skill set and space.

We are excited to open our EmTech Lab and Catalyst Hub in February 2018. Our Lab features the best examples of emerging technologies which every organisation must consider to be a part of their company’s strategy.


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