Transformation Assurance

What is driving business transformation?

To gain a competitive advantage, many companies are undertaking an unprecedented amount of organisational change. With the transformation of the Entrepreneurial and Private Business (EPB) industry and booming technology creativity, many unicorn and large-scale technology companies are coming from the EPB industry. While the benefits of complex transformation can be great, they’re not without significant risks and not all companies achieve expected outcomes.

Transformation assurance is an essential component of effective governance. It provides stakeholders with unbiased, forward-looking issue and risk warnings to help the program stay on track to deliver expected business benefits.

PwC’s Transformation Assurance solutions help companies focus on the key business outcomes of their transformation in order to identify the risks that matter most throughout the project lifecycle, manage risk and achieve your strategic business objectives.

Challenges in business transformation

Failure to manage the risks successfully can have many adverse consequences, including operational, reputational and financial impacts.

Challenge 1: Misalignment between planned outcomes and strategic objectives:

Even for companies that begin with a robust process, specific objectives and planned outcomes, these outcomes and strategic objectives can fall out of alignment. Often, this is because of a change in strategy or external events that lessen leadership focus and support over the full project term.


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Challenge 2: Failure to define and measure promised benefits:

While companies undertake transformational change to deliver value or achieve a specific objective, management often fails to accurately scope and quantify the expected value or objectives to be delivered. Key performance indicators are often not adequately defined or set in generic, immeasurable terms. Sometimes management also fails to monitor and track performance.


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Challenge 3: Lack of genuine leadership buy-in and resistance to change:

The importance of “tone at the top” cannot be underestimated—it is essential to change behaviour. Many companies fail to obtain buy-in from key constituents or institute the right degree of change management to drive it.


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Challenge 4: Failure to understand the complex nature of the business process change:

Weak initial estimates of the scale and nature of business process change and limited understanding of legacy technology environments can lead to significant time and cost overruns. This can cause the return on investment to change, bringing the future or success of the transformational change into question.


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Challenge 5: Lack of involvement from business with the project team working in a “skunkwork” facility:

At the end of the day, all transformation is focused on enhancing the business. However, without a cohesive approach across the business, large scale innovation efforts or IT transformations tend to fail.


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Challenge 6: Changing from the traditional to an agile approach requires careful thinking:

As more and more organisations opt for the benefits of an agile approach, they must be mindful of the other changes needed to make this a success – including culture shifts, discipline, continuous integration and a high degree of transparency for a fully dedicated team.



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How can we help you?

PwC Transformation Assurance solutions

PwC’s Enterprise Systems Solutions Transformation Assurance team helps companies focus on the key business outcomes of their transformation in order to identify the risks that matter most specialise the project lifecycle. In addition to traditional project management, our teams specialise in Agile, DevOps, Cloud (including SAP S/4), Analytics, and Revenue Recognition.





Why choose PwC?

Our experience and track record of success 

As we’ve done with many clients, PwC can work with you throughout your transformational journeys so that you can reap the intended benefits of your complex transformation. According to clients, our Transformation Assurance services drive value in the following ways:

  • Improved return on investment.
  • Increased risk transparency.
  • Reduced probability of failure.
  • Reduced project rework.
  • Greater cost savings through disciplined transformation project and risk management.
  • Increased accountability.


Harnessing the power of Insight-360

The Insight-360 toolkit is PwC’s proprietary web-based solution which uses predictive analytics to assess the meaning of early warning indicators and employ an action plan.

Insight-360 facilitates completion of readiness assessments against a range of leading industry standards such as COBIT 5, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000 (2005, 2011), ISO/IEC 27001, ITSM Capability, OHSAS 18001, PMBOK, and more.


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