Manage, protect and grow family wealth

Our Private Client Services team comprises of experienced tax and legal professionals to help you achieve your long-term business and wealth succession objectives while protecting your family wealth.

Your objectives

Each family has its unique needs. We will discuss with you to understand your existing asset holding structures and family circumstances, and help you identify the most pressing issues and define your wealth planning objectives.

Provide tailored and holistic advice

After understanding your needs, we will explore with you the various tools and solutions available to meet your needs and achieve your long-term succession planning goals. Throughout the process, the needs and circumstances of your business, your family, asset ownership and tax considerations and non-tax elements will be considered.

Orderly succession

Commonly used wealth planning tools to achieve orderly succession include trusts, will, insurance and residency planning. Succession of family wealth and core values can be better planned for through proper design and use of wealth planning tools. For example, a family trust is an effective means for transitioning your ownership to your next generation as per your wishes, while putting your tax and property affairs in order.

Family governance

The implementation of a clearly defined family governance mechanism will help promote family cohesiveness and unity. 

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International taxation and mobility planning

The needs of private clients are truly international. We understand the changing tax requirements of different countries and can help your family plan for living in or immigrating to a different country, by providing a holistic tax analysis ranging from personal taxes to the impact on yourselves, your families and the wealth management structure of the family business. We can also advise your family on the holding structure for international assets that meets your succession objectives and analyse the tax implications of such structure.

Reporting requirements

It is crucial to be compliant in regards to the disclosure and automatic exchange of information relating to financial accounts and companies. We can advise your family on the latest regulatory requirements.

Implementation and review

We will work with you to implement the desired structure and governance mechanism, communicating with you and your family every step of the way.

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