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Discover the power of Generative AI with PwC. Transform problem solving by empowering our community of solvers with responsible AI.


PwC is accelerating investment in technology, industry collaborations, training and client services — all areas that have already made us a leader in generative AI (GenAI). Our approach to bringing GenAI to businesses is rooted in building trust and delivering results. It is at the heart of our lab-based innovation, the real-world GenAI solutions we deliver to clients and our active participation in the forums that are helping to shape the future of responsible AI.

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Unlock the power of Generative AI

In this video series, we will explore how PwC can help companies harness the power of GenAI.

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Uncover potential business value through end-to-end GenAI services

Learn how we leverage a four-step approach to deliver end-to-end services for enterprises from AI strategy to technical implementation, helping them to transform and succeed in the AI era.

How to make GenAI work for you?

What is GenAI?

GenAI is a type of artificial intelligence that allows us to create, enhance, summarise, and analyse unstructured data, such as text, code, voice and images. This type of data makes up a large portion of enterprise data and affects everything that we do as knowledge workers. It is the best window into the needs and wants of the customers, employees, candidates and collaborators for your business.

What is the impact of GenAI?

GenAI’s impact on business and society is expected to be enormous. As its capabilities expand, GenAI’s reach and its ease of use makes it more democratic.

With GenAI, developing and deploying new AI capabilities is no longer limited to data scientists, and thus, solutions can be both business and citizen-led. And, the resulting speed and productivity that GenAI brings to knowledge work can save time and money, allowing people to focus on higher-value activities. The coming explosion in AI use can allow organisations to transform their business — so long as they manage the new risks to security, privacy, bias, ethics and brands.

How can GenAI improve business?

GenAI can automate and enhance aspects of almost all business operations, ranging from customer service to software development and data analytics. For example, it can:

  • Improve how you engage with your customers by enabling self-service, providing everyone the best possible interaction.
  • Automate high-volume tasks, such as processing insurance claims and communications or software development tasks.
  • Make it easier for your teams to understand all the unstructured data that matters — contracts, invoices, customer feedback, policies, performance reviews.

What is responsible AI?

PwC’s responsible AI strategy includes an absolute commitment to regulatory compliance with China’s cyber and data security laws, data privacy and AI regulations. PwC is compliant in the technology it uses, who and how it uses it, where the relevant data is maintained, and the alliances partners it teams up with. We put quality and integrity at the core of our culture, and these investments have been focused on balancing safety, security and stability, as they drive innovation and growth.

Why choose PwC for GenAI?

Our pioneering partners and staff are already working on AI use-cases both internally and with clients across various industries. Our goal is to extend this knowledge to our entire workforce. AI pilots have produced valuable insights, increased productivity and generated innovative solutions to problems. 

PwC has established a powerful AI Studio and technology sandboxes that empower our skilled professionals to create prototypes and proofs of concept securely, rapidly and cost effectively, while strictly adhering to data security, privacy, and compliance standards.

PwC is accelerating its internal transformation by upskilling and reskilling its workforce in responsible AI, scaling expert AI talent, launching a firmwide AI collaboration hub, upgrading IT infrastructure, investing in AI, cyber security and data regulatory compliance, and securing  access to future AI talents in the future.

PwC will continue to actively collaborate across its ecosystem of stakeholders, including leading technology alliance partners, startups, academia, governments, and communities across city clusters including the Greater Bay Area (GBA), Yangtze River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. This approach will promote the compliant, secure and inclusive use of GenAI. We will also leverage our iconic Reimagine Park, a co-creation innovation platform that will generate impactful solutions to solve society’s important problems regarding sustainability, digital innovation and talent development.

How PwC help businesses with GenAI?

Businesses often struggle to achieve optimal cost efficiency with their current operational models due to a number of factors:

Time-consuming nature of dealing with repetitive and mundane tasks

High cost associated with conducting market research and data analytics

Slow decision-making process due to a lack of comprehensive market insights

Absence of systematic cyber detection for protecting sensitive data and systems

Challenging in providing timely and personalised customer service

Inability to generate high-quality and creative content quickly

PwC’s services and solutions:

  • AI tools
  • Strategy consulting
  • AI governance consulting
  • AI application (use case) consulting
  • AI platform implementation consulting
  • Cybersecurity and privacy
  • Data analytics
  • Responsible AI

PwC’s AI capabilities have been widely recognised for driving significant improvements in audit quality, efficiency and client value creation.

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Wilson Chow

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